Appell fra Ukraina

Den ukrainske foreningen for kuldeentreprenører har tatt kontakt med den europeiske foreningen for kuldeentreprenører - AREA og sendt medlemmene av AREA og hele bransjen i Europa en appell i sammenheng med det russiske angrepet på Ukraina.

Teksten i brevet er gjengitt nedenfor, brevet er også tilgjengelig for nedlasting.

Dear colleagues, participants in the refrigeration and climate technology market!
Dear founders and manufacturers of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, refrigerants and components for equipment!
Dear experts in the area of refrigeration and climate technology!

Sincere thanks to those of you who sent us letters of support and suggestions for help!
With great regret I note the fact that the Russian Federation insidiously, hostilely, with hatred of human values, on February 24 2022, early in the morning, when ordinary civilians, women, children, the elderly and our entire peaceful Ukraine slept, crossed the line of common sense and the border of Ukraine, began rocket and artillery bombing of cities, villages and towns of our country.

We have suffered the first losses both among our defenders, the military and the civilian population…. It is very sad that Belarus has supported Russia, the country we once considered our best neighbor. Military equipment is constantly coming through its territory and we are receiving missile strikes from its territory, military helicopters and planes are flying from its territory to our border and to the territory of our country. You can find everything that is happening right now in our country on the official websites and pages of our armed forces and authorities.

Now ALL of our country, in EACH of its settlements, is suffering losses both among people and among infrastructure facilities. The enemy army hits schools, kindergartens, businesses in various industries and just residential areas and homes. The occupiers, in addition to firearms, use weapons - caliber cruise missiles, BUK missile systems, aircraft, helicopters, ships and armored vehicles. Along with conventional ammunition, they use vacuum and cluster bombs, which are banned worldwide. Our people are burning alive in this hell!

Refrigeration technologies are used in missiles to cool rocket fuel, missile warheads (charges), on ships and military equipment to cool their engines and crews, combat crews, at military warehouses and weapons plants!!!

Understanding all the responsibilities and taking into account the worldwide support of Ukraine by almost all members of the European Union and many other countries, especially the United States, even countries that have historically maintained neutrality, and our closest neighbors - Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Moldova and others., the world's leading companies and businessmen, governments of all countries, we’re asking you:
1) To completely interrupt supply chains to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, namely:
- Refrigeration and climatic equipment and their components of all customs codes;
- Refrigerants and raw materials for their production of all customs codes;
- Electronic products and their components;
- Software for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment;
You can use the force majeure format in your agreements with partners from Russia and Belarus.
2) To provide us with information about the possibilities of humanitarian aid to Ukraine and its citizens, as well as assistance with: weapons, protective equipment, helmets and bulletproof vests. We coordinate all these issues with the government and volunteer organizations.
3) To understand the martial law of Ukraine and its business, when working in wartime (we are still here for now, but under bullets and shells, missiles, keeping the shops and warehouses of products, hospitals and blood banks, working) and if possible please provide us with deferral of payments for equipment and components, as these are force majeure circumstances.
4) Not to invest in projects related to Russia and Belarus (cold and climate, production, installation and service)!!!

Please help us in this battle for European values and over the territory of Ukraine as an independent country. Taking into account the circumstances, anticipate the fact that investments in Russia and Belarus will soon be inappropriate. We believe that support of countries with dictatorial government will now be a manifestation of support of their governments’ and presidents’ crimes. Therefore, the most powerful sanctions that the world has ever known have been imposed on these countries! The companies of the world one by one and step by step prohibit the use of aircraft, mobile communication equipment, software, and other new technologies, as well as all that enables aggressors to continue this war.

We will be glad and grateful to those who will help us in these issues, and after the war ends, the Ukrainian market will be very promising and attractive for investment, as we will soon become members of the European Union. We fight for human values and for you, so we ask your help to us in this struggle!

The Chairman of Public Union
«Refrigeration Association of Ukraine»
Serhii Anashkin

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